Priti NYC 728 Almond Cuticle Oil w/ Ginseng Root Extract


PRITI NYC's Almond Cuticle Oil with Ginseng Root Extract is a fabulous little product that every girl should own. Cuticle Oil will help to moisturise and protect the cuticle, skin and nail area. It is a great treatment to add to your manicure routine as it has many benefits for your nails. Not only will it hydrate but can also help to protect, repair and encourage growth. The Almond Oil will provide fatty acids which help to replace the moisture balance, lost during cold weather or from soap, whilst the Ginseng Root Extract contains anti-oxidatives and precious hydrators that will give you long, strong, healthy nails. Together, this Almond Cuticle Oil will give you the perfect manicure with a sweet nutty scent. Plaisirs Boutique absolutely loves this product!


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