Why Natural Beauty Products?

We all need personal care products in our daily lives and most of us have at least some concerns about ageing and beauty. Sophisticated marketing techniques appeal to our vanity by making a variety of claims about the products but how few of us actually stop to think about what might be in those jars and bottles?

Harmful Ingredients

The sad truth is that the majority of personal Chemicalscare products contain potentially harmful chemicals. In many of the lotions and potions up to 80% of the ingredients are synthetic. These chemicals can be absorbed by our skin and enter our bloodstream. Up to 60% of the compounds we apply to our skin are absorbed meaning that over a 60 year period a woman could take on board as much as 14kg of this material!

Some studies have shown that some chemicals are known or suspected to be carcinogens (cancer causing), irritants, hormone inhibitors and anti-bacterial agents which can have the potential to threaten our long term health and can lead to fertility issues, allergies, amongst other things. To make matters worse those chemicals are leached into the environment when we wash, shower, bathe in the sea and discard the containers. Our personal care products can pollute the environment to the detriment of water quality, air purity, the soil and wildlife.

The Alternative

Happily we do have earth and health friendly alternatives to use. Natural, eco-friendly and organic personal care products contain natural ingredients with little or no synthetic chemicals. At PLAISIRS we have a fabulous, natural, eco-friendly personal care range which is kind to the body and the environment. Even better, our makeup, skincare, hair, and bath and body collection will leave you feeling fabulous and rejuvenated!

Customer Testimonials

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Plaisirs products are one of life's little luxuries; once you have tried them you will never go back as the smells are sumptuous and the feeling on your skin is heavenly; all of this with none of the nasties that you find in other products; not only are you getting a little luxury, you are being kind to your skin as well!


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Plaisirs is all about fantastic products and excellent customer service


The order arrived a week or so ago all in perfect condition. Thank you so very much and thank you for the John Masters samples. I religiously use his hair products and only his hair products. .. Thank you again for your patience and help in getting the order accomplished. And what pretty packaging as well! It was like getting a birthday present.